Round Bale Film  / net replacement

Bale film improves the round bale silage quality, longevity, feed-out efficiency and ease of recycling.

1. improved oxygen barrier around the barrel of the bale, and thus less spoilage.

2.High film stability on the shell of the bale, improving bird & rodent protection and mechanical protection during transport.

3.Ease of recycling due to consistent use of materials (PE) with silage wrap - not netwrap contaminants.  

With RKW's  Round Bale Film you get;

- high puncture and tear resistance (strongest per gram of film)

-edge to edge smooth running performance .

-highest film stability on the bale - minimal stretch. Dimensionally stable bales. 


1.28m x 2000m/2500m - transparent colour

1.38m x 2000m/2500m- transparent colour

20 Rolls per pallet