How long do you have to make a claim? 

You have until the end of the registration period which ends on 11.59pm AEST on 31/11/2018

What is the gift/reward? 

It is a $50 Coles Myer Gift Card

What does purchase mean? 

Payment in full of the participating product within the promotional period

What are the participating products? 

To participate, you need to order 4 rolls of Rondotex Wet Wrap from a participating retailer. 

Should I register my claim is I have only paid a deposit on my Participating Product? 

No, you should pay for your participating product in full within the promotional period before registering your claim form.  We do not accept tax invoices sent by post or facsimile. 

How do I know if my claim has been approved? 

You will be sent an "Approved Claim" email notification of advise that your claim has been approved. 

What happens if I do not have an email address? 

In order to participate in this offer, you need a valid email address.  If you do not have one, you will need to create one. 

How long will it take to receive my gift card?  

Please allow up to 12 weeks delivery from the date of the "Approved Claim" Email notification being received by you.