Matox Livestock Mats

Engineered for Australian Livestock and Production Systems

Anti Slip            Easy Wash           Long Life

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Matox Features:

  • Highest abrasion resistance on the market
  • Anti slip, 360 degree directional grip
  • Easy wash water flow pattern
  • High compression and rebound capacity
  • Nylon interweave technology
  • Comes with marine grade stainless steel fixings with plugs and washers
  • Stud underside
  • 100% virgin natural rubber

Matox Benefits:

  • Stud underside for give and softness underfoot
  • Interlocking edge and drainage points
  • Reduced lameness
  • Improved animal health and performance
  • Water saving with flood wash / hose down
  • Increased cow flow (faster milking time)
  • Increased heat detection in yard
  • Improved employee safety and comfort underfoot
  • Easy wash water flow pattern
  • DIY easy install and uninstall (reversible screws)

Matox Testimonials:

"We're saving around 15 minutes on every milking due to improved cow flow. In addition, wash down time and water use has declined dramatically

The significant reduction in lameness and slipovers has seen herd health and production improve".

Justin Rendell, Australian Consolidated Dairies, Kyabram

Milking 850 cows twice per day, and an elite herd of 400 cows, three times a day

"We've tried a lot of mats, and find this mat extremely durable, high grip, easy to wash, and soft underfoot".

Bruce and Sam Holloway, Mepunga, Western Districts, Vic

Milking 400 cows twice per day

Matox Specifications:

Matox Performa Grip

  • 1800mm long x 900mm wide
  • MPA quality rating - 10+
  • Thickness - 25mm
  • Long edge interlocking
  • Nylon interweave
  • Top surface "feather channel pattern"
  • Stud underside surface
  • Counter sunk screw fixing pattern


  • 12 x stainless steel 316 marine grade screw with plugs and washers (included)

Matox Installation Guide:

Step 1: Site Preparation Tips

  • Ideally, concrete thickness should be 50mm or greater
  • Repair any damaged concrete
  • Start with a washed down, clean concrete surface
  • When laying mats, make note of water flow direction during flood wash and hose down

Step 2: Tool Selection Tips

  • For screw bit, use a torx head T20 (6 point star shaped pattern)
  • Use high powered drill suitable for drilling and screwing into concrete
  • Concrete drill bit with four cutting tips. 10mm diameter x minimum working depth of 125mm
  • For shaping / cutting rubber, a Bosch soft material cutting blade T313AW/HCS is recommended. Alternatively, use a medium teeth hand saw

Step 3: Laying The Mat

  • Ideally, lay mats in brick formation making note of water flow indicator arrows
  • Fix top edge of the mats initially. Allow to acclimatise in layed position for 24 hours before fixing remaining mats
  • Ideally, fix mats during the warmest part of the day
  • When boring and screwing mats down, work down from the top of the pattern
  • Do not fix outside mats first or random mats down the pattern
  • To uninstall mats, simply reverse the drill

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