We're a team who prides ourselves on our service. 

Doing business with Plastag ensures you great service, price, quality and supply guarantees. 

Here at Plastag, our philosophies in business are very simple:

1. Offer quality, innovative products that add genuine value to our clients' business.

2. Ensure price guarantees every time. Being the direct link with the manufacturer, we can easily offer this.

3. Giving supply guarantees to our loyal business partners.

4. Exceptional customer service - in a timely and efficient manner both pre and after-sales.

All of the above is not possible without manufacturing partners that have the following;

1. Strong R&D departments to ensure 'innovation' is at the core of their business.

2. Efficient and state-of-the art manufacturing facilities and machinery

3. Good managers to deal with, who understand rural business and the volatility of the industry, more specifically, Australia's.

4. The flexibility and agility to 'defend' our position in the market place to ensure Plastag and our clients are sustainable businesses.