Plastag Hyti Silage Covers & Hyti O2 Barrier Film

Choosing a high quality, 3% UV stabilised film is critical to the silage making process and outcome.

Hyti silage covers and our NEW 'Hyti-Barrier' oxygen barrier plastic underlay film ensures high quality fodder conservation every time.

All silage films consist of 3 layers (co-extrusion technique) and made in Belgium for Australian conditions.

Plastag's Hyti silage covers feature:

  • High oxygen film barrier allowing for a complete fermentation and preservation of stored feed nutrients.

  • Produced with the strongest and most durable film resins and can withstand the harshest of storage conditions in Australia and NZ. 

  • A high level of  ultraviolet high light protection (3%) and are warranted for 18 months towards UV degradation. Vital in Australia's high UV environment. Rated to 180 UV Kilo langley - Highest in the World!

  • White outside layer helps to keep stored silages cooler, reducing bunker heating and the DM losses.

NEW- 'Hyti Barrier' oxygen barrier film

18.3m x 50m / 50micron

18.3m x 150m / 50micron

18.3m x 350m / 50micron

Hyti Barrier high oxygen barrier film - 'The complete quality package'

Hyti Barrier was developed specifically to enhance the quality of bulk silage around the world.

The success of this product in the USA and Europe has now made its way to Australia!

The high oxygen barrier film features:

  • 50 times less oxygen permeability than standard black/white silage film.

  • The 50 micron underlay film is tough and durable.

  • The film follows contours of the silage, sucking down to create a fully anerobic environment in the bunker/pit. Thus reducing dry matter loss and animal health issues associated with undesirable microrganisms & mycotoxins.

  • Custom made widths and lengths.