Quality assurance is paramount to the success of Plastag and Hyplast. Delivering a product that you can 'trust', underpins the continued success that Hyplast has had since its inception in 1975.

Careful material selection and innovative production methods are the key factors behind Hyplast, guaranteeing the success of the products produced. State of the art manufacturing facilities and quality employees, allow for flawless quality control. Further, all plastic undergoes 'voluntary' testing under the International quality control (ASTM) test. Don't settle for anything less.

All resins and films are:
       -ISO 9001 accredited
       -ASTM tested
       -Dart drop tested
       -Tensile tested
       -Elmendorf tear tested
       -Creep tested
       -Melt flow indexed
       -Thickness and polar thickness
       -Oxygen transmission rate tested.

Find out more by reading our quality assurance guarantees:

Hyplast quality assurance certificate

Hyti bag warranty form